We need to think big!

The America that I want you to help me build is very different than the America we live in today.


Donating to the campaign is the easy part. Don’t get me wrong, we will need a lot of money. I’ve been told we will need $350,00 for starters and a $1,000,000 to have a chance to win. Early money is like yeast. Early money allows the campaign to do things to raise more money. If we got $1,000,000 one week before the election it wouldn’t have the impact of $500 right now. By the way, getting money, especially anonymous money, out of our elections is another of my priorities.

But still donating is easy. It’s more important to take action. Volunteer to work on the campaign. Knock on doors. Talk about what we are trying to do every time you can. After all, it’s exciting to know how much better life will be. Ask others to volunteer. Ask others to go with you to hear me tell my story so they will know why I can’t quit. They need to imagine the big changes that will make living in AMERICA what we all wish it was like. The light will go on when they understand how quickly this will happen; how easy this will be; how we will actually save money at the same time and how we will give addicts real help by giving them hope. Money can’t do this person to person work. In 2007 I was a huge Hillary supporter. I still think she would have been the most qualified person to ever sit in the White House but some months before the election, early in the primaries, I was talking to a good friend, Jim, who was trying to convince me that I should be supporting Barrack Obama. He wasn’t making much headway with me until he said these magic words. He said I should look at Barrack Obama because he was the “Real Deal”. I will never deserve to carry Obama’s umbrella. I don’t want you out there calling me the “Real Deal”. But, if you believe in this vision, you can tell everyone you meet that this vision of a better AMERICA is the “Real Deal”. When you do that, then just like my friend Jim did for me, you will turn them to consider the vision. And if they get the vision, they will help you and me to change AMERICA into what it should be. So, donate, for sure, and volunteer if there is any way you can because that will be as valuable as any donation and you can tell your grandchildren, “I helped make AMERICA better for you and your grandchildren”.

Donate to Help Us Change AMERICA For All of Us

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